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The Inner Fire: Igniting A Passion for Learning

How can your child taking Samoan Fire Knife at The Children of the Land ignite a passion for lifelong learning?  By tapping into the essence of the fire within their heart and spirit, and giving them solid spatial and cognitive skills that involve both the right brain and the left brain working at the same time.

Fire Knife involved both the physical skills necessary to spin and balance the fire knives, but also the musical ear to understand the drumbeats and musical cues – this has been proven to offer dramatic brain benefits to young learners, as their brain grows. Fire Knife requires discipline, balance and an understanding emotionally of FIRE, that passion or essence of the fire within. Read More…


Self-Esteem Grows For Keiki In Cultural Arts

Children who are involved in Cultural Arts programs show dramatic and long-lasting improvements in self-esteem and self-perception, cultural pride and identity, cognitive skills and educational attainment, mood, social behavior and cohesion and the ability to reach long terms goals in life such as finishing school. This, according to a new study called “The Social Impacts of Cultural Arts”.

The study focused on the following areas of Cultural Arts Impact:

• cognitive skills and educational attainment
• community  and cultural pride/identity
• crime prevention
• mood
• self-esteem
• social behaviour
• social cohesion
• health and overall well-being

It found that involvement in Cultural Arts Programs had long-lasting impacts not only on the children or individuals that were involved in the programs, but in the community and culture overall. Communities with strong Cultural Arts programs involvement see reduced crime rates, higher academic achievements and graduations, reduced drug and alcohol use among teens and an overall increase in health and well-being both physically and emotionally. Read More…


Polynesian Arts Important to All

Waipoli- Keeping the Polynesian culture and arts alive is just as important for kanaka maoli (Native Hawaiian or native person) as it is for non-natives, said Sandy Herndon. Herndon, administrator of The Children of the Land (Na Keiki O Ka ‘Aina), a cultural center just opened at Kaua‘i Village shopping center in Waipouli, explains:  “It’s really important to kanaka maoli children, and just as important for other children, to learn about the host culture, because (then) they have a deeper appreciation of the culture that they come to live in.”
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Cultural Connection

Phil Villatora,  of Children of the Land, guides youth who want to learn about Polynesian Arts and Culture by sharing his knowledge, inspiring kids through nature and cultural arts in a fun, creative way that draws the kids into wanting to learn more about their culture. “Na Keiki o Ka Aina” means ‘The Children of the Land’ in Hawaiian.

“The reason I visioned Children of the Land was because of me moving to the jungle for a while,” said Phil. “I believe that we are all the Children of the Land. Whether people call it passion or not, it’s just knowing what we have and how we support life. HA (Alo-ha)… it’s magic.” Read More…


The Children of The Land

We are the Children of the Land, ‘Na Keiki o Ka Aina’, people of Aloha Spirit, keeping Polynesian Culture Alive. Children of the Land is a 501c-3 non-profit located on Kauai, Hawaii, offering free classes and cultural events for Children, Visitors and Adults. We are the only Polynesian Culture Center on the island of Kauai.

Are you Visiting Kauai? Aloha! We are  located in Kapaa at Kauai Village Shopping Center (The Safeway Center) under the Whale Clocktower. Visitors are always welcome to drop in on most of our classes, and we have adults and children from around the world plan part of their vacation around taking free Ukulele, Tahitian dance or drum or other classes here at the center, or enjoy our free live music on Friday-Sat evenings from 5-6pm , or keiki Polynesian drum group on Mondays and Wed. on our stage by the waterfall.   Stop by for a free tour of the beautiful Polynesian art and instruments (many are made at the center!), take a class or talk story with us! Please call us at (808) 821-1234 if you have any questions, and check our claendar on this website for current schedules… Mahalo!

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